Seal of Biliteracy Pilot Project

Seal-of-Biliteracy-LogoFrom 2015-2018, schools and school districts around Massachusetts participated in a project to pilot the Seal of Biliteracy on the local level, as we awaited approval of a state award in the legislature.

  • 2015-16: 10 schools/districts made over 300 awards
  • 2016-17: 17 schools/districts made over 900 awards
  • 2017-18: Almost 150 educators from 100 schools/districts have joined our workgroup, and the number of awards under the final year of the Pilot Project is expected to rise.

A State Seal of Biliteracy was established in the LOOK Act in November 2017. The first awards under the new law will take place in 2019. Guidance from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is forthcoming. See the OELAAA website for updates.