Our Coalition

We are a coalition of students, parents, teachers, activists, and community members and groups. Restrictive language education policies have resulted in a lack of equitable educational opportunities for language learners in Massachusetts. We believe that language and cultural competence are resources to be invested in and valued, and are essential for a strong economy and a just society. We aspire to increase bilingualism, biliteracy, and multicultural understanding as assets that enhance social and economic growth within a global economy.

Our Goals

  • Increase language learning opportunities for learning English, developing and/or maintaining a native/heritage language, or learning a foreign language.
  • Ensure that all learners have equal access to a high quality education and professional opportunities.

The coalition was honored to receive the Mass Nonprofit Network 2018 Award for Excellence in Advocacy for our work on the LOOK Act.

Language Opportunity Member Groups

Steering Committee

  • Phyllis Hardy, MABE
  • Nicole Sherf, MaFLA
  • Helen Solorzano, MATSOL

Organizations or individuals who support our mission are welcome to join the Language Opportunity Coalition.

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