Contact Your State Legislators!

alertLanguage Opportunity Coalition is working once more with legislators to pass the LOOK (HD3537/SD155 – Representative Cabral and Senator DiDomenico) and Seal of Biliteracy legislation (HD924/SD1122 – Representative Khan and Senator Spilka). We came very close in the last legislative session and are hopeful that the bills will pass in this session, but we need your help —  Please ask your state senator and state representative to co-sponsor these bills!

Please click on this Capwiz link to send a message to state legislators asking them to sign on to sponsor the legislation (you can send one message from your home address, and another from your work address). One of the reasons we got so far in the last session was the incredible number of cosponsors you helped us to sign on and the continued messages that you sent at critical points in the legislative session.

Help us by forwarding the Capwiz link to anyone you know who is supportive of the Seal. Together we will get the bills passed in this legislative session!